What is fat free balsamic?

fat free balsamic is the personal blog of your friend and writer Charlotte Lieberman (that’s me). The blog is a place where I write essayistic vignettes about everyday experiences that feel poignant on some universal level.

Expect to find entertaining, and hopefully emotionally deep (sometimes), narrative non-fiction about experiences related to mental health, intimacy and communication, food, self-righteous people, social media, gender and feminism, music and the arts, poetry, and much more.

Why “fat free balsamic”?

Today, I often keep my own self-loathing in check by relying on humor. I don’t make fun of myself to minimize my suffering, but to minimize the power of the negative thoughts themselves.

I wanted to choose a name for my blog that obliquely related to a sad trope about being a woman, but one that could also be funny. I liked the idea of salads and diet salad dressing. As most people know, dieting often is related to self-loathing.

The name fat free balsamic struck me as a perfect joke to remind myself—and others—that humor can be available even in the most unlikely or insufferable moments.