Where I’m Publishing

By and large, I feel most creatively inspired when writing personal essays, which tend to have a lyrical (and maybe even pseudo-academic) bent.

The problem is that it often feels impossible for me to render these pieces of writing marketable in the click-click world of digital media. Hence my creating fat free balsamic—a place of freedom for me to DO WHATEVER THE FUCK I WANT.

That said, I am eager to share my published writing with you.

“Click. Click. Goes the dredge,” Elizabeth Bishop wrote in “The Bight.” Have a click, won’t you? 

“How to Suffer Well.” BOMB MagazineOctober 2016

“This Major Gap in Sex Ed Ruined My Sex Life.” Refinery29. September 2016

“Ivy League Addiction.” CosmopolitanAugust 2016.

“What You’re Hiding from When You Constantly Check Your Phone.” The Harvard Business ReviewJanuary 2016

“How Meditation Helped Me Rein in OCD and Anxiety.” Sonima . January 2016

“Why We Date People Who Make Us Feel Like Shit.” mindbodygreen. November 2015

“Is Something Lost When We Use Mindfulness as a Productivity Tool?” The Harvard Business Review. August 2015

“Downtown Girl Lola Kirke Helps Free the Nipple.” i-D. December 2014

“I Finally Got Rid of My UTIs.” Cosmopolitan. September 2014 [Print only]

“Don’t Do What You Love: Do What You Do.” The Harvard Business Review. June 2014

“Why Is College Dating So Screwed Up?” Cosmopolitan. March 2014


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