Where I’m Publishing

I am thrilled that you’re visiting my blog, as it’s where my more informal, voice-y, and multi-genre pieces of writing live. It can be difficult to find other homes for this kind of work in the click-click world of digital media, so I am grateful (to myself!) that I created fat free balsamic.

With all that said, I am eager to share (some of) my published writing with you.

“Click. Click. Goes the dredge,” Elizabeth Bishop wrote in her poem “The Bight.” Have a click, won’t you?

“Why You Procrastinate (It Has Nothing to Do with Self-Control.” The New York Times. March 2019.

How Self-Care Became So Much Work.” The Harvard Business ReviewAugust 2018

“Why You Should Stop Being So Hard on Yourself.” The New York TimesMay 2018

“My Eating Disorder Made Me Feel Like a Feminist Fraud.” Marie ClaireFebruary 2018

“A Case for the Mental Health Memoir.” GuernicaDecember 2017

“Why Clean Eating Can’t Save Your Soul.” JSTOR Daily.August 2017

“Inside the Internet’s Obsession with Slime.” Marie ClaireAugust 2017

“How to Suffer Well.” BOMB MagazineOctober 2016

“Is Something Lost When We Use Mindfulness as a Productivity Tool?” The Harvard Business Review. August 2015


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